To achieve certification, a professional organizer must pass a grueling national exam. In order to qualify to sit for the exam, a professional organizer must catalog a minimum of 1,500 paid organizing hours (during which there must be a transfer/teaching of skills, and not just a concierge service) within a three year period in order to show that s/he is a serious, full-time professional and not just a part-time hobbyist. Once an organizer is certified, s/he must complete a minimum of forty-five continuing education hours every three years in order to re-certify.

The BCPO® says that “certification is a recognition of professionals who have met specific minimum standards, and proven through examination and client interaction that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification. This program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices and ethics. For the public, while the CPO® designation is not an endorsement or recommendation, certification of professional organizers maximizes the value received from the products and services provided by a CPO®.”

LivingOrderSA owner Helene Segura is not only certified, but also serves on the international BCPO board. She is currently serving her third and final year as the President.


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