We transform your chaos into tranquility.SM We help people get control of their stressful living and working spaces. As a highly trained Certified Professional Organizer and productivity consultant, Helene teaches clients how to understand their core issues causing disorganization and thereby prevent it in the future. We provide visible and lasting results with easy-to-maintain systems that are developed based on your individual needs.

Helene Segura went into business in 2006 and earned her Certified Professional Organizer designation in 2009. She is a firm believer in continual education and training. Over the years, she’s developed a hybrid approach of consulting (give you straightforward recommendations) and coaching (allow you to realize your own solutions, which is far more powerful). You’ll get the benefit of receiving instant advice, as well as the empowerment of developing systems with your input.

After our initial Solutions Session, we sometimes work independently if that is more convenient for the client, but most of the time we work alongside the client to teach and encourage as we make progress.

  • How we work with spaces

    For SpaceScaping® Services, usually you won’t need to purchase supplies in advance, but if you do, we’ll guide you in getting the right items before we arrive. During our Solutions Session, we tour the home or office and assess the situation to make sure we understand how the space is used and by whom, and what the organizing challenges are. Based on this assessment, we work with you to develop a customized action plan. After identifying the highest priority areas, we’ll discuss with you which projects you want to handle on your own and which, if any, you’d like us to work on with you side by side. For the latter, we teach you how to sort and make decisions about those “tough” items and guide you to the most efficient ways to dispose of, store or use them.

    We may recommend products, such as bins or shelving units, that you can purchase on your own to improve the space, or you can have us do the shopping for you. We leave you with useful handouts and resources to reinforce what we’ve taught you during our work together, and in some cases we’ll give you assignments to work on before our next appointment.

  • How we work with time, data, and paper

    For services related to TimeData, and Paper, we will first go over our 15-point Personal Productivity Plan assessment. We help you decide what calendar, task list, and other options are best for your situation, and then during our second appointment, we go through the piles on your desk (and floor!) and create a system that will work for you.

    Call us if you have any questions about how we would approach your projects. We’re happy to help you find out if our services are right for you, and if we’re not the best solution, we’ll help point you in the right direction.


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