You can expect to pay about the same hourly rate for a highly trained Certified Professional Organizer® as you would for an interior designer, personal trainer, image consultant, or other similar service professionals. Our pricing structure is based on education, certification, extensive training, national association membership, local chapter membership, insurance, bonding, experience, and proven success. You deserve quality, and we can provide that for you. We work by the hour, with different rates for residential and commercial work, and different packages based on how involved you’d like us to be in your journey. Please call to discuss your situation and we will be happy to quote you our packages based on your needs.

While hiring a Certified Professional Organizer® is definitely not for everyone, we can usually help people with a variety of budgets. Even if you only work with us for two sessions, you’ll find that being organized is an investment in yourself, your family, and/or your business that pays huge dividends of time savings and decreased stress. The innovative online program for which we coach, The Clutter Diet, may be a perfect match if you are on a budget—give it a try and see what you think!

We have a 2-hour minimum appointment time for all work done on-site. We have a full client load, so we generally schedule at least one week out. During busy periods, you may have to wait two weeks to see us, but our clients find that we’re worth the wait. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept personal and business checks, and all major credit cards.

Please call us at 210-892-4990 x73 for additional details, or contact us using our convenient form.


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