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Professional Organizer San Antonio Teaches How To Do It All

As a Certified Professional Organizer San Antonio, I’m often asked to do Q&A’s after workshops or speaking engagements. I absolutely love doing this because people get some instant relief and walk away a little less stressed.

At one such event, a particular question (and my response) seemed to resonate with a number of people, so I thought I would share that here.

This wonderful woman stood up and shared a typical story: She’s doing a heck of a lot.


My father died a few months ago. I’m taking care of my ill mother and my mother’s house. My mother lives about one hour away. I’m responsible for paying bills and all of the upkeep of my own home, including laundry and meals for everyone in my household. And I’m starting up my own business. My question: How do I juggle it all?

Certified Professional Organizer San Antonio responds:

When you get home, I’d like you to grab a chair and perhaps a nice little beverage, and rerun this chat in your mind. If I’m understanding you correctly, you are in charge of:

1. maintaining your home

2. handling your personal estate

3. caring for your well-being

4. maintaining your mother’s home

5. caring for your mother’s well being

6. handling your mother’s estate

In addition to this, you are in the process of starting your own business, said the professional organizer San Antonio.

My tip on juggling would be to first figure out how much time you can allot to each of these responsibilities. You can download my free weekly planner at www.LessStressForTeachers.com.

On that chart, block off:

When you’ll sleep.

When you’ll prepare meals and eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then block off chunks of time for when you’ll devote your focus to each of these six different responsibilities I’ve just named.

Key question: Is there enough time for all that you want to do? Or do you need to look at delegating something?

Women are ingrained with the idea that we need to take care of everything and everyone. In the process, we usually end up not taking care of ourselves. It’s important to step back, decide what you truly have time to do and think about hiring a Professional Organizer San Antonio. Once you do that, you won’t have to juggle.

For more information on hiring a Professional Organizer in San Antonio, call us today at (210-892-4990 ext. 73) or visit us at http://www.LivingOrderSA.com

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