Become a Professional Organizer

Have you dreamed of becoming a Professional Organizer?

If you want to become a professional organizer and are serious about bringing peace to people’s lives, owning a successful business for the long-term, and developing an elite, professional brand in your city, then you will be interested in becoming part of the LivingOrder® team.

LivingOrder® has been in business since 2002 and has continued to grow each and every year. In the earlier days, we shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create a well-oiled and successful machine. There’s no need for you to do that, too. You will still need to roll up your sleeves and work tremendously hard, but we will teach you everything you need to know – from consulting skills, to marketing, to streamlined systems for running your own company. We will provide you with over $40,000 worth of training, operations manuals, documents and handouts, a website presence, and support every step of the way for a fraction of that cost.

LivingOrder® is not desperate to grow overnight, so we will take our time in finding the right team members both in Texas and other states across the country. Only serious inquiries need apply. You need to have a proven track record of professionalism, problem-solving skills, honesty, strong work ethic, at least five years of post-college work experience in business, counseling, teaching, or a related field as well as the means to invest in a professional organizing business. If you are interested in receiving more information about joining our team, simply fill out this questionnaire and email it to team at

We are currently opening only one LivingOrder® office per city. If you live in a city where there is already a LivingOrder® office and you are interested in starting up your own business in that same city, we do provide consulting when requested. You can make an appointment with the owner of that particular office. The fee is $200 per hour.

Austin – The LivingOrder Austin owner retired after 15 years in the industry. This office is waiting for someone to take it over. Contact Helene Segura for details.

San Antonio – Helene Segura


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