A Handbook for the Organized Family

I met Megan and Kirsten in the Expo Hall at NAPO Conference in Baltimore. Megan told me about the challenges she and Kirsten faced as busy moms and how they couldn’t find an organizing system that met their needs. So, they “hatched” the idea of HATCHEDit. I figured if they could do all of that, they could definitely offer folks some tips on how they keep their families organized!

A Handbook for the Organized Family


Megan Brown and Kirsten Bischoff

Co-Founders of HATCHEDit.com

There are the lucky few who have always had that innate ability to be organized. And then there is everybody else. For most of us being organized is a characteristic built on developing good habits and instilling that discipline in everyday life.

Teaching organization skills is a major part of responsibility and not only will it help your children as they mature and grow but it will also help you run a smooth operation in your household.

Here are 5 of our top tips for the organized family:

  1. Turn off the TV 
    Television time is ok but it should be designated. It is too easy to get sucked in and waste hours in front of the tube.
  2. Schedules 
    Calendars, organizers and schedules are your friend!
  3. Cleaning 
    A place for everything and everything in its place. Don’t let the cleaning work pile up; disperse chores through the week so that you aren’t overwhelmed.
  4. Sleep 
    You may not realize it but getting rest and a regular sleep schedule will help you get more organized. Both kids and parents should have a bedtime.
  5. Communication 
    Coordinating is never going to work without communication. Talking it out is also important in any busy family.

Don’t over stress being organized as much as you should concentrate on just being a happy family. Support and love one another and being organized will naturally follow, especially if you are following these tips!

To read more of their tips, please visit their HATCHEDit blog.

HATCHEDit Founders Kirsten Bischoff and Megan Brown

About the dynamic duo:

Kirsten Bischoff is Founding Partner of HATCHEDit.com. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she has spent most of her career entrenched in the highly entertaining world of…finance.  Kirsten lives in Springfield, NJ and when she is not working on HATCHEDit.com she can usually be found playing chauffer to her over-scheduled twelve-year-old daughter Sophie.

Megan Brown is Founding Partner of HATCHEDit.com. A graduate of University of Cincinnati she has over a decade’s worth of Wall Street experience spanning both sales trading and asset management marketing.  Megan lives in Westfield, NJ with her husband Josh and their daughter Madeleine.

HATCHEDit offers many digital resources for getting organized with free membership. Visit their website.

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