A cool new tool for filing: Filertek

Filertek Hanging File Dry-Erase Reusable Tabs for Hanging Files with Dry-Erase Pen, Box of 50 Tabs, White (FT-1150)

Filertek Hanging File Dry-Erase Reusable Tabs for Hanging Files with Dry-Erase Pen

If you were to survey our LivingOrderSA clients, managing papers is pretty much one of their least favorite things to do. Part of the reason is because there’s so much of it. The other reason is because the supplies and/or system they’re using aren’t conducive to their needs.

One of the supplies that is often used in filing cabinets – but doesn’t quite work the way you intend – is manila folders. They often flop over, causing you to “lose” a file or two. This is why I recommend hanging file folders.

A lot of people hate hanging file systems because they don’t want to deal with the tabs. That’s where a nifty new tool comes in:

Filertek Dry Erase Hanging File Tabs

You can use a dry erase marker to write on your label. It doesn’t get wiped off because it’s covered by a plastic shield which closes over it. When it’s time for the folder to be used for something else, the dry erase label can easily be, well, erased and reused. The tabs slide on effortlessly to the top of the hanging file, and they hold up nicely to back and forth movement, as well as taking files in and out.

I’ve been using mine for just over a month, and I now recommend them to my clients. They save me time and effort, and I love that!

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  • Denise Sample
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 August

    Thank you so much for sharing this product info!! It never fails as soon as all files are labeled I realize that one isn’t needed or needs a name change. And I hate to admit but sometimes I’m just too lazy to go through printing more labels. This is a neat and easy solution!

    I just ordered a box of Filerteks. Can’t wait to get them!!!

    Soon to be organized,

    • LivingOrderSA
      Posted at 08:11h, 24 August

      Yahoo, Denise! You’d think that everything related to filing had already been invented. Glad there are geniuses out there who keep thinking of products to make life easier.

  • CJ
    Posted at 08:49h, 27 August

    great idea. i’ve used peel-able labels in the past but they do just that! peel off!! can’t wait to try this!!

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