5 Organizing Tips for Thanksgiving


Get organized for Thanksgiving!

Five Organizing Tips for Thanksgiving

It’s two days before Thanksgiving!


If you’re hosting the big meal and haven’t started prepping yet, consider using my list of organizing tips for Thanksgiving to help you get ready in time:


Organizing Tip #1 for Thanksgiving

Big picture:

You still have time to call someone today if any of these tasks are on your to-do list!

Is the HVAC in good working order?

Are the appliances in good working order?

Is the plumbing in good working order?

Is the entry in good repair?

If you’re traveling, have you booked travel, accommodation and pet sitter?

If you’re attending events, have you purchased tickets?


Organizing Tip #2 for Thanksgiving

Create your lists:

Your brain will be going a mile a minute, so having lists will help you keep focused when your mind starts to wander. You also won’t waste time on fretting because you’ll know exactly what you need to do!

Guest/RSVP list


Shopping list

Task list posted for everyone to see/help

Cooking time list (what goes in/out of oven and stove)


Organizing Tip #3 for Thanksgiving

House prep:

You may not have time to clean your entire home, so start with what guests will see first, then work your way into the rest of your house. If you need to jettison clutter in a hurry, pile it into boxes and bags and drop them off at Goodwill!

Entry and guest bathroom

Sitting Area

Dining area



Organizing Tip #4 for Thanksgiving

If at all possible, hit the grocery store today. It will be slightly less crowded than Wednesday…especially Wednesday evening! This sounds crazy, but to save time…walk up and down every aisle. Even if you have your list, it’s helpful to take a quick glance at all the shelves as you walk by. That might trigger something in your brain in the unlikely event that you have forgotten to write something down on your grocery list. Cruising down each aisle will also save you time from running back and forth across the store multiple times.


Organizing Tip #5 for Thanksgiving

Enlist the help of your household. Ask them to pick something (or two or three somethings!) from your task list. When they cross off their chosen task(s), they’ll get a smile and a high five from you! Even better, they won’t have to hear you snap at everyone because there will be no need to. You’ll be happy and calm.


Psst! If you’re going to be hosting any December events, use this organizing tips for Thanksgiving list and modify as necessary. It’s never too early to start!

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