Media Appearances

September 13, 2012—NBC WOAI, San Antonio Living—How to Beat ProcrastinationAugust 24, 2012—San Antonio Business Journal—Trends in Residential Real Estate
August 13, 2012—Fox 29 Daytime @ Nine—Dorm Room Organization
July 3, 2012—NBC WOAI, San Antonio Living—Closet OrganizingJuly 2, 2012—Career Bliss—Project Management 101: Your Guide to Acing a Project
May 28, 2012—Cable Mover—Box it Up: Moving a Mountain of Belongings

May 28, 2012—Cable Mover—The Big Sweep: Resources for Donating Unused or Unwanted Items

May 5, 2012—CBS KENS 5, Eyewitness News—Teacher Appreciation

May 1, 2012—NBC WOAI, San Antonio Living—Moving Tips

April 30, 2012—CBS KENS 5, Great Day SA—Teacher Organization

April 25, 2012—KSCI Los Angeles 18 Kababayan—Teacher Appreciation (Part 1)

April 25, 2012—KSCI Los Angeles 18 Kababayan—Teacher Appreciation (Part 2)

March 31, 2012—KSLR Girl Talk Texas—Women, Paper & How to Manage Projects

March 31, 2012—KSLR Girl Talk Texas—Teachers, Delegation & Where to Start Projects

March 30, 2012—Las Fabulosas—Clutter No Mas

March 26, 2012—Fox 29 Daytime @ Nine—Desk Organization

March 23, 2012—The Network Journal—Spring Cleaning: De-Clutter Your Office

March 16, 2012—NBC WOAI,San Antonio Living—Managing Email

February 14, 2012—Intuit Small Business Blog—4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

January 23, 2012—CBS KENS 5, Great Day SA—Decluttering After a Loss

January 7, 2012—Eyewitness Saturday Morning News—Post-Holiday Clutter

January 5, 2012—Fox 29 Daytime @ Nine—Quick Organizing Tips

January 5, 2012—Fox 29 Daytime @ Nine—New Year’s Resolutions

November 3, 2011—Fox 29 Daytime @ Nine—Woman of the Week

September 19, 2011—CBS KENS 5, Great Day SA—Mi Casa #21

August 12, 2011—NBC WOAI, San Antonio Living—Dorm Room Organization

March 4, 2011—KENS 5 Online—Organize for SpringFebruary, 2011—Woman’s Day—Shrink Your Food Container Pile

February 26, 2011—San Antonio Home & Garden Show, Celebrity Stage

January 20, 2011—SA Biz Journal—Social Media Users Are Community Volunteer Evangelizers

January 16, 2011—SA Express-News—Packing with a Purpose

January 13, 2011—Fox News First—Pantry Organization

January 11, 2011—Fox News First—Clear Out Your Clutter for a Good Cause

January 8, 2011—Eyewitness Saturday Morning News—Organize for the New Year

January 7, 2011—Seguin Today—Goodwill Kicks off Get Organized Month

September 24, 2010——How to Beat Baggage Fees

September 17, 2010——Pre-Move Donations: What You Need to Know

September 17, 2010—The Responsibility Project—Teaching on a Dime

August, 2010—Into Wine—Wine Glass Storage: Stemware Storage Tips

July, 2010——Small Bathroom Designs – Advice From Top Industry Professionals

June, 2010—She Knows Back to School—How to Decorate & Organize Your School Locker

June 6, 2010—The Clutter Diet Blog—Travel Tips Round Up

May 19, 2010—She Knows Home & Garden—Transition Your Playroom from Toddler to Teen

April 3, 2010—California Closets of the Texas Hill Country—Spring Rejuvenation

January 20, 2010—A&E’s Hoarders—Season 2, Episode 14: Janet & Christina

December 18, 2009—SA Express-News—Organizer Helps to Restore Calm

February 21, 2009—Corpus Christi Home & Garden Show, Celebrity Stage

January 8, 2009—CBS KENS 5, Great Day SA—Desk Organization

December 13, 2008—SA Express-News—Wrap in a Snap

July 18, 2008—SA Express-News—Reclaim the Space in Your Washroom

July 17, 2008—SA Express-News—See the Gas Tank Half Full

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January 19, 2012—How Parents Can Help Their Children After a Less Than Stellar First Semester
August 12, 2010—Oh Professional Organizing Career, How Do I Love Thee?

February 4, 2010—5 Ways to Get Back on the Decluttering Wagon

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